Spring Colours | Seasonal Sub-Types (2024)

The Spring palette is warm, light, bright and fresh. But it also contains everything from almost autumnal cinnamon brown to wintery bright navy. If you've been given a designation within the Spring palette, let's explore what that means for you.

Do remember though, that your seasonal type is a guide. If you fall at one end of a palette, it doesn’t mean you can’t ever go near colours from other areas of that palette, just that this particular area is the strongest part for your own skin tone and contrast level. Sometimes a 12 or 16 season system can feel quite limiting in terms of the colours available to you, but remember that the rest of the colours within your wider seasonal palette will also work for you and will harmonise with your absolute best colours.

True/Golden/Warm Spring

This is probably the one we think of as a 'typical' Spring palette. The colours all have a definite warmth to them, and are clear and bright. Golden Springs often (although not always) look like a 'classic' Spring - their hair colour will be anything from bright red through strawberry to golden blonde, eye colour will be clear green or blue and their peaches and cream skintone has a real glow about it when flattered with the right colours.

A True Spring falls at the very warmest, most golden end of the wider Spring palette, and if you viewed the entire colour range of all four seasons as one continuous spectrum of colour, then True Spring’s colours would fall nearer to Autumn’s than to Winter’s or Summer’s.

True Spring’s best colours are usually warm greens, yellows, orangey reds, very peachy pinks and every shade of light brown from tan to palest beige.

Light/Pastel Spring

This is the softest and lightest of the Spring colours - the intensity and saturation of those bolder Spring colours is really dialled down. Tints (colours with white added to make them lighter and clearer) feature heavily in this palette. The darkest of the Spring browns can often be too gloomy, with bright navy and dove grey making for better neutrals.

Light Springs often have very light clear eye colour, such as pale grey, blue or green, and hair that is usually fair and can look ashier than the golden tones of True Spring. If we were to put Light Spring's colours onto one continuous spectrum of all four seasons, its colours would fall towards the Summer end of the Spring palette.

Light Spring's best colours are (unsurprisingly!) the lightest Spring colours. Pale peach, light dove grey, palest mint green and aqua.

Bright/Clear/Blue Spring

Containing the most saturated and boldest of Spring's colours, with full on intensity and contrast. Those who fall into the Bright Spring category are often some of the trickiest to analyse - they can look like Winters, with piercingly bright eye colours, and often relatively dark hair with little or no warmth.

Bright Spring falls at the Winter end of the Spring palette, making it easy to see why the colours get clearer, brighter and less warm than those of the other Spring types.

Bright Spring's best colours are the bright blues and true reds, dove greys and more acidic yellows.

A note on Paintbox Springs

A classification used within the House of Colour analysis system, Paintbox Springs don't fall neatly into any of the categories above. It denotes someone who suits all of the strongest, brightest Spring colours, whether they are warmer or cooler. It falls somewhere between True Spring and Bright Spring, and high saturation is the key point to note for this seasonal type.

Let's talk about crossover colours

Once you understand seasonal types, the 'crossover' colours (those that apply to more than one season) at Kettlewell begin to make more sense. If a person sits at the 'end' of the Spring palette closest to Summer, it stands to reason that some colours will sit so close to that dividing line between Spring and Summer that the difference between them and the colour the other side of that dividing line will be indistinguishable to the human eye. If you are looking at crossover colours, consider which season the colours cross over with - if you are a light Spring, for example, those colours that work on both Springs and Summers will be your best crossover colours. Don't be afraid of trying other season crossover colours too though - if they apply to your palette, there's an excellent chance they will work on you. If you're feeling unsure, do give Kettlewell a call.

Crossover colours can be a tricky subject to get your head around, but once you begin to look at the entire spectrum of colours rather than each season in isolation, it starts to make perfect sense.

To read about the other seasons use the links below:

Spring Colours | Seasonal Sub-Types (2024)


What type of colours are spring? ›

A Spring seasonal color palette is full of warm and bright shades like poppy red, daffodil yellow, and tangerine orange. Some of the neutral Spring colors are ivory, cream, camel, and clearer browns. Spring clothing colors are happy, joyful colors!

What are the colors of spring season? ›

True Spring's best colours are usually warm greens, yellows, orangey reds, very peachy pinks and every shade of light brown from tan to palest beige. This is the softest and lightest of the Spring colours - the intensity and saturation of those bolder Spring colours is really dialled down.

What are the seasonal sub types of spring? ›

Seasonal sub-types - Spring
  • The Spring palette is warm, light, bright and fresh. But it also contains everything from almost autumnal cinnamon brown to wintery bright navy. ...
  • Light/Pastel Spring. ...
  • Bright/Clear/Blue Spring. ...
  • Paintbox Springs.

What undertone are spring colors? ›

Springs have a warm undertone and look best in exciting, vivid colors. Springs look great in lively colors, like bright coral or bright aqua. They do not look their best in black, muted, or very dark colors.

What are the subcategories of the spring color season? ›

This means that each colour season is divided into three subcategories. For the warm spring family, the colour palettes are Bright Spring, True Spring, and Light Spring. If you're a “Bright Spring”, then you're at the beginning of the spring season in the seasonal flow chart.

What are the top 3 spring colors? ›

Like always, pastels are the ultimate go-to for spring, bringing a classic, light, and fresh charm to your wardrobe. This season, you'll be seeing a lot of lilac, light yellow, and sky blue.

What are the true colors of spring? ›

The True Spring palette contains warm greens, yellows, orangey reds, peachy pinks and every shade of light brown from beige to tan. These colours are naturally yellow-based and warm.

What are warm spring colors? ›

Warm Spring's best colours are usually warm greens, yellows, orangey reds, very peachy (yellowed) pinks and every shade of brown from dark tan to palest beige.

What color are spring flowers? ›

Cerise, pink, pure white, cream, salmon, china blue, deep blue, light blue and lilac. These early spring flowers bloom from November-May.

What spring color palette am I? ›

If you are a true spring, your eyes are warm blue, warm green, light hazel, or topaz, and your hair is golden-hued in shades like medium golden blonde, strawberry blonde, copper, light golden brown, or medium golden brown. Your skin tone is warm and golden, such as fair, light, medium, and tan.

What are the colors of spring eyes? ›

Eye Colors: Spring eye patterns are characterized by bright, clear, and warm colors. The most common eye colors observed in this season include light brown, green, and hazel tones. High Contrast: One notable trait of Spring eye patterns is the high contrast between the iris color and the whites of the eyes.

What light spring colors to avoid? ›

Light Spring Colours to Avoid

To be precise, avoid ruby red, dark grey and black. These dark and cool colours will look harsh against your warm and light features and overpower your complexion. For your best look choose lighter shades that are warm-toned to best compliment your light colouring.

Is teal a spring color? ›

These shades of teal can be compared to a blue-green ocean, and are best for Winters and Summers. Warm teals, on the other hand, have a green undertone that creates a more muted and earthy look. These shades of teal can be compared to a tropical jungle, and are ideal for Autumns and Springs.

What color is true spring hair? ›

Truespring eyes tend to be warm with yellow undertones. The most common colors are warm blues, greens, amber, and golden Browns. The hair ranges from blonde to medium golden brown. The hair tone is usually very warm.

What shade of green is spring? ›

Spring green is a color that was traditionally considered to be on the yellow side of green, but in modern computer systems based on the RGB color model is halfway between cyan and green on the color wheel.

Is spring a cool or warm color? ›

Springs are warm-toned, meaning gold jewelry looks better on them than platinum or silver. Their eyes are light to medium in darkness and are usually shades like clear blue, bright green, hazel, or light grey.

What are the nature colours of spring? ›

Fresh Green

Green must be THE color of spring. Spring is the time when everything comes back to life after a long winter slumber. Nature rejuvenates, the snow melts and everwhere fresh green pops up. Naturally, we thus associate green with the vernal season.

What is the color of spring personality? ›

The Spring Personality is Playful

The spring palette is clean and fresh. It features delicate colours and a warm yellow base. Nature is embraced with vases of fresh flowers and pot plants dotted around the home. Light and open spaces are ideal for this look with modern furniture combined with vibrant prints.

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