QVC Net Worths, Ranked: Who is the Richest Host? (2024)

Perhaps one of the most beloved home shopping platforms across the US, Quality Value Convenience, or QVC, is one television network you can’t help but appreciate. One of the primary reasons the programs on the channel resonate so well with the viewers is its team of highly talented hosts who easily connect with the public and hype up different products they are meant to help sell. But just how much do these hosts earn, and who among them is the richest? Well, here is what we know about the same!

29. Chelsea Phillips Reid – $250 Thousand

We are starting with Chelsea Phillips Reid, one of the newest hosts on QVC, who has only recently joined the position along with three others. Having received a warm welcome from the viewers, she is doing well and on her way to making a name for herself. Given her position as a new member of the QVC roster, we estimate Chelsea’s net worth to be around $250 thousand.

28. Melissa McGoff – $250 Thousand

The next name on the list is Melissa McGoff, another new name to the team of QVC hosts who certainly looks like she has a lot of potential and will likely see much success in her career. Considering such factors, we believe her net worth is about $250 thousand.

27. Rachel Ellis – $250 Thousand

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Another new name to the stellar lineup of QVC hosts is Rachel Ellis, who has dazzled people across the country with her charm and looks. Her performance has undoubtedly earned the praise of many of the viewers. Considering her relative newness to the position as a QVC host, we estimate Rachel’s net worth to be around $250 thousand.

26. Thomas Anthony Jones – $250 Thousand

Thomas Anthony Jones, or TJ, has worked in the world of entertainment for a long time. With his experience as a production assistant and sports expertise, it is no wonder that he is thriving as a QVC host. Presently, we estimate his net worth to be approximately $250 thousand.

25. Nancy Yoon – $500 Thousand

The first Asian-American to ever be the host of QVC, Nancy Yoon has long been a fan of the channel and takes immense pride in her work as a presenter. Her “Yoonique” perspective is certainly welcomed by her fans, who are always eager to see what product Nancy will introduce them to next. With her experience and performance, we estimate Nancy Yoon’s net worth to be about $500 thousand.

24. Julia Cearley – $500 Thousand

A traveler at heart and a shopper by passion, Julia Cearley’s extensive knowledge of the creative arts has made her an invaluable part of the QVC hosting team. While she certainly enjoys her role as a host of the show, she continues to seek new opportunities that soothe her adventurous heart. Overall, we believe Julia’s net worth is around $500 thousand.

23. Jennifer Coffey – $500 Thousand

A former business owner whose expertise in fashion paved her path into the world of on-air hosting, Jennifer Coffey seems more than happy to be a QVC host. Her advice is certainly considered valuable for fashion-conscious viewers, and she is always delighted to share her knowledge regarding the field. Considering these factors, we estimate Jennifer’s net worth to be approximately $500 thousand.

22. Monifa Days – $500 Thousand

Now famous as a QVC host, Monifa Days used to be a Fitness Instructor, a role she held for two decades before entering the world of television. Apart from her role as a presenter, she is active as an Actor and Writer, with her creativity shining through every aspect of her work. Given her overall professional career, we estimate Monifa’s net worth is around $500 thousand.

21. Steve Doss – $500 Thousand

With his diverse background and charming personality, it is no wonder that Steve Doss can connect well with so many people across the US. Though he is always enthusiastic about introducing viewers to new products, he is especially partial to discussing any product related to food or the kitchen. Based on his immense skill and experience, we think that Steve Doss’ net worth is somewhere about $500 thousand.

20. Stacey Rusch – $550 Thousand

A former Yoga Instructor, Stacey Rusch has since changed fields and is now thriving as a program host for QVC. Though she had first appeared on the channel as a guest, she has since become a regular and is now a beloved part of the QVC roster. Considering her work expertise, we estimate Stacey’s net worth to be around $550 thousand.

19. Mary DeAngelis – $600 Thousand

Interestingly, Mary DeAngelis started her journey with QVC as a Call Center Representative and enjoyed talking with different customers. She then became a Social Host and took equal pleasure in chatting with people from across the country. Now, with the ability to interact with viewers in more ways than one, Mary continues to shine bright. Her estimated net worth is approximately $600 thousand.

18. Shawn Killinger – $1 Million

Formerly a part of ‘The Apprentice,’ Shawn Killinger was “fired” from the program by Martha Stewart and sought a new opportunity. This led her to join QVC, and she has since developed a fanbase of her own who are always happy to see her share her knowledge about different QVC products. Additionally, Killinger has her own line of clothing created in collaboration with Studio Park. Given her multiple ventures and television expertise, we believe her net worth to be about $1 million.

17. Rachel Boesing – $1 Million

Up next, we have Rachel Boesing, who has undoubtedly had a fun, professional journey but still considers her role as a QVC host the best among all the positions she has held over the years. Despite her unbeatable expertise, she remains in awe of how much value the viewers put into her opinions and knowledge. With Rachel’s stellar resume, we believe to be worth no less than $1 million.

16. Pat James-DeMentri – $1 Million

Let’s now talk about Pat James-DeMentri, whose modeling, television, and retail background likely contributes to exactly why she is so phenomenal as a QVC host. The television star is charismatic and works well alongside other well-known QVC personalities, allowing her to thrive in the organization. Considering her extensive work, we estimate Pat’s net worth to be about $1 million.

15. Leah Williams – $1 Million

As for the highly talented Leah Williams, we are sure that her love for fashion is evident for all QVC fans during her on-air segments. The host has over 29K followers on Instagram and has developed a following that is always eager to see her next move. Additionally, she has her own clothing collection in collaboration with Studio Park. Overall, we estimate Leah Williams’ net worth to be approximately $1 million.

14. Kerstin Lindquist – $1 Million

Kerstin Lindquist is yet another beloved QVC name whose work needs no introduction. Her award-winning performance has helped her create a fanbase that is always happy to support the television host no matter the situation. Like many of her fellow hosts, Kerstin collaborated with Studio Park to create her own clothing line. Overall, we believe her net worth to be around $1 million.

13. David Venable – $1 Million

With his prior experience in the world of broadcast news, David Venable has created a unique space for himself in the impressive roster of QVC hosts. Not only is he an expert with anything related to food and the kitchen, but his official QVC livestreams also add to his popularity with the general audience. We estimate David’s net worth to be about $1 million.

12. Amy Stran – $1 Million

Having spent considerable time in the acting industry of New York City, Amy Stran is now thriving as a popular QVC host. Not only does she have over 68K Instagram followers, but she is also responsible for her own jewelry collection created in collaboration with Diamonique. Given her impressive career, we believe Amy’s net worth is about $1 million.

11. Rosina Grosso – $1.1 Million

Interestingly, Rosina Grosso’s work within the world is not limited to QVC. She has also worked in various telenovelas, adding to her fame and creativity. With a diverse background and intriguing childhood, Rosina takes pride in everything that has helped her reach the heights she stands on today. Presently, we believe her net worth to be around $1.1 million.

10. Courtney Khondabi – $2 Million

Formerly working within journalism, Courtney Khondabi now adores working as a QVC host and is highly popular among those looking forward to buying fashion-related products. Whether it is makeup or clothing, she is always ready with her suggestions. Courtney also has more than 40K followers on Instagram and has continued to grow in fame. Considering her professional accomplishments, we believe her net worth is about $2 million.

9. Ali Carr – $2 Million

We are pretty happy to talk about Ali Carr, who, despite her degree in psychology, has found her calling in the world of television. The QVC host takes immense pleasure in her work and enjoys sharing information about different products with the viewers. Overall, we believe her net worth to be around $2 million.

8. Rick Domeier – $1.2 Million

Having been a part of QVC since 1994, Rick Domeier is one person that regular channel viewers are well familiar with. His enthusiasm for work certainly has made him a fan favorite, and he has also ventured into the world of acting and writing. Additionally, Rick has his own jewelry line, which one can buy from QVC. Overall, we approximate his net worth to be nearly $2 million.

7. Sandra Bennett – $2 Million

Let’s now talk about Sandra Bennett, who has been working with QVC for over a decade and a half. Naturally, her presence on the channel has become an invaluable one, with the host always happy to share new products with viewers, though she feels particularly passionate about anything related to gardening, given her own interest in the same. Sandra’s popularity is certainly evident, given her Instagram following of over 24K. Overall, we believe her net worth to be about $2 million.

6. Mary Beth Roe – $2 Million

One of the most recognizable faces of QVC, Mary Beth Roe’s work with the channel is certainly not to be underestimated. The television host has long been a part of the company, inspiring many with her work. Mary Beth is also quite popular on social media, with her Instagram boasting over 29K followers. Considering these factors, we estimate her net worth to be approximately $2 million.

5. Vanessa Herring – $2 Million

Having been working as a host since the age of 13, Vanessa Herring has combined her creative skills and business acumen to create a unique position for herself within the QVC team. She has also launched her clothing line in collaboration with Studio Park. Besides, Vanessa talks about various suitable to different styles on her own show, which many have been following religiously. With these factors, we estimate her net worth to be about $2 million.

4. Terri Conn – $2 Million

Thanks to her excellent performance as a host over the years, Terri Conn earned a Daytime Emmy as a QVC host. A dedicated presenter, she takes immense joy in how her work allows her to connect with viewers across the country, whom she guides in their shopping experience. Terri’s Instagram following of over 10K indicates just how popular she has become over the years. Given these impressive factors, we estimate her net worth around $2 million.

3. Alberti Popaj – $3 Million

Having been working with QVC for a long time, Alberti Popaj is highly popular with the network’s viewers thanks to his charisma. The host indeed loves his job very much and takes much pleasure in selling products to viewers across the country. Additionally, he has more than 29K followers on Instagram, clearly indicating how much love he has garnered from the public. Overall, we estimate Alberti’s net worth to be close to $3 million.

2. Jayne Brown – $4 Million

Jayne Brown has been associated with QVC for well over 23 years, having first taken up the role of Assistant Buyer. Even before that, she had been working in the world of retail and holds immense knowledge regarding various products available in the market for the use of the general public. We believe Jayne’s net worth is about $4 million.

1. Jane Treacy – $5 Million

We now have Jane Treacy, one of the first hosts who started working with QVC. Over the years, she has become the face of the network and even has her own jewelry line with products available on QVC. Jane even has her own line of clothing created in collaboration with Studio Park. The host has over 45K followers on Instagram, where her fans love to remain updated about the recent events in her life. Given her long-term connection with QVC, we estimate Jane’s net worth to be about $5 million.

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QVC Net Worths, Ranked: Who is the Richest Host? (2024)
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