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Deciding what to wear as a wedding guest can be surprisingly tricky. Most guests don’t want to upstage the bride or upset the wedding party by wearing the wrong thing. While most wedding guests know to avoid certain colors, for example, white or black at Western weddings and red and gold at Chinese ones, knowing what colors are okay can still be tricky.

These days, couples are more open to giving guests guidance. Letting guests gently know what colors you’d like to see them in for a matching aesthetic or what colors to avoid so that they don’t clash or blend with the bridal party is a great way to avoid any awkward moments.

Here are how our wedding photographers recommend you go about requesting guests wear something particular.

Be Upfront from the Beginning

If you’re going to request a certain dress code or color from your guests, be upfront about this from the beginning. That means notifying them of this on the invitation or even the save the date. This gives guests time to find an appropriate outfit or bow out if they’re not able to follow it. List it next to the dress code. For example: “Formal attire requested. Please wear shades of blue.”

Be Clear and Concise

If you’re going to be making a clothing request for your guests, you need to be extremely clear and concise in what you’re asking of them. If you want them to stay within a certain color palette, be sure to list out the acceptable colors and even provide a picture of them! If you want them to avoid certain colors, for example, the bridal colors, so guests don’t end up looking like accidental bridesmaids, be clear about that as well.

Give Options

Some guests may feel stifled by a specific color request, so be sure to leave some room for them to find something appropriate and show off their personality. For example, if you want all guests in black, that’s fine since most people have a black outfit. However, requesting everyone to come in a bright shade of yellow is a harder ask. A more appropriate ask would be “shades of blue” or “soft pastels,” or even “burgundy, black, or gold,” as this gives guests some room to find something.

Consider Guests Preferences

It’s important to keep in mind that not everyone is comfortable in the same style of clothing. While some people might feel great in a bold colored dress, others may prefer neutrals. If you’re going to request a specific color, try to pick something accessible that flatters most skin tones and body types.

Make Exceptions as Needed

When you make outfit requests for wedding guests, be prepared for some pushback. In addition to those that just won’t enjoy being told what to wear, you may also have people that have valid reasons for not being able to follow it. Maybe they can’t afford a new dress in that color, or maybe they feel wearing it doesn’t align with their culture. Either way, be ready to make exceptions, or at least don’t be upset if people bow out because of it.

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Can You Ask Wedding Guests to Wear a Certain Color? - AGI Studio (2024)


How do you request wedding guests to wear certain colors? ›

If you're going to request a certain dress code or color from your guests, be upfront about this from the beginning. That means notifying them of this on the invitation or even the save the date. This gives guests time to find an appropriate outfit or bow out if they're not able to follow it.

Can wedding guests wear any color? ›

The most important aspect is that your outfit should not compete with the wedding's overall look and feel. Additionally, you may also want to consider the season of the wedding; lighter colors are perfect for spring and summer ceremonies, while darker tones are better suited to fall and winter weddings.

Can you tell wedding guests what to wear? ›

For weddings both casual and formal, it helps for guests to know exactly what to expect. If you communicate thoughtfully and early, you can easily set a wedding dress code that fits your vision and adds to a positive guest experience. Plus, guests want to know what they should wear to best fit in at the event.

Can a guest wear the same color as the wedding party? ›

Lizzie Post, host of the podcast Awesome Etiquette from the Emily Post Institute, says that no guest should ever feel embarrassed if they happen to wear the same color as the bridesmaids, but they can ask in advance what the colors will be if they're concerned about it.

How do I indicate the dress code on an invitation? ›

Here are a few examples.
  1. "Is there a dress code?" ...
  2. "Are there any styles or colors you'd prefer me to wear?" ...
  3. White-Tie Attire. ...
  4. Black-Tie Attire. ...
  5. Black-Tie Optional Attire. ...
  6. Formal Attire. ...
  7. co*cktail Attire. ...
  8. Semi-Formal Attire or Dressy Casual Attire.
Nov 30, 2023

How do you ask a guest for a dress code? ›

Put It on the Invitation

The simplest way to tell your guests what they're expected to wear is to put a dress code in the invitation. There is a time-honored glossary of dress-code wording short enough to include on invitations, or on a card inserted with the invitation.

What colors are not acceptable to wear to a wedding? ›

Leave all white, ivory, and champagne-hued shades alone, unless the invitation specifically designates an all-white dress code. "White and ivory are such a stark, prominent color that when you are the only one, as the bride, wearing it, all eyes are on you," says Avrumson.

What is the best color to wear as a guest to a wedding? ›

Safe Choices. The safest bets are colors that work for almost any type of wedding, though you may avoid them when attending a beach wedding. Navy, black, and charcoal grey fall into the “safe” category – all ideal for an evening wedding or one that has anything from a formal to an informal dress code.

Can you wear a white and blue dress to a wedding? ›

Blue and white is such a popular color scheme for weddings! Many couples choose to have their wedding decor in these colors because they are classic and beautiful. If you are wondering if you can wear a blue and white dress to a wedding, the answer is most likely yes!

What is the most common wedding dress code? ›

Black Tie Dress Code

This is probably the most common of the formal wedding dress codes, and again, the name refers to menswear, specifically a tuxedo worn, in any colour, with a black tie.

What is the best dress code for attending wedding? ›

Women should embrace wrap dresses, midi dresses or elegant jumpsuits. For men, if it's a daytime wedding, a light sport jacket, button-down shirt and relaxed chinos fit the bill. In the evening, go for darker colors, as later weddings tend to be more formal.

What is an example of a dress code announcement? ›

Our company's official dress code is [ Business/ Business Casual/ Smart Casual/ Casual. ] We may change our dress code in special cases. For example, we may require employees to wear semi-formal attire for an event. Then, both male and female employees should wear suits, ties, white shirts and appropriate shoes.

What do colors mean at a wedding? ›

Dark red: Longing, courage, willpower, vigour. Light red: Love, sexuality, joy, passion, sensitivity. Pink: A great symbol of love and beauty, pink also embodies the gentler qualities of red. It's also a very blissful colour, and can also represent a funny or quirky personality.

Can you ask wedding guests to wear black? ›

Black is usually best suited for formal celebrations, as the color is "very conservative and very polished-looking,” Smith shares. Couples usually specify the guest code at the bottom of their invitations and on their wedding website, so if you've been invited to a formal affair, black is a resounding “yes.”

Can I wear red to a wedding? ›

If the wedding or the couple is less traditional, or the dress code is a little more creative, I don't think there's anything wrong with wearing red as a wedding guest,” adds Hurwitz. And while you might see rumors floating around the web that wearing red means you had a fling with the groom, ignore those.

How do you say to wear a certain color on an invitation? ›

In the wedding invitation, include a note suggesting that guests wear colors that would complement the overall theme or color scheme of the event. If you have a specific color in mind that you would like guests to wear, mention it in the wedding RSVP card or reply form.

How do you ask guests to wear neutral colors to a wedding? ›

Alongside your attire, try something along the lines of, "Please indulge us by dressing in white, if you don't mind." Spread the word by including it on your wedding website and save-the-dates.

How do you ask guests not to wear white to a wedding? ›

The main being the bride explicitly asking guests not to wear white. And if they don't explicitly state that guests can't wear white, it's always best to err on the side of caution and choose another color.

How do you tell guests to wear black to your wedding? ›

Couples usually specify the guest code at the bottom of their invitations and on their wedding website, so if you've been invited to a formal affair, black is a resounding “yes.”

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