Black Wedding Dress Design Trends For 2024 + FAQs (2024)

They say every woman needs a little black dress, but what about your wedding gown? Black wedding dresses are totally trending, and we’re here for it! A bold choice, today’s brides are all about making a statement, and there’s no better way to bring the drama than with a black wedding dress. We’ll be sharing what it means to wear a black wedding dress along with our favorite fabrics, silhouettes, and styles in our top black wedding dress design trends for 2024!

Can A Bride Wear A Black Wedding Dress?

A black wedding dress is modern, makes a statement, and is perfectly acceptable for bold brides. Though, some brides might be worried that they can’t wear a black wedding dress for their ceremony; that it goes against tradition and wouldn’t be accepted. Well, we are here to tell you that you absolutely can wear black wedding dresses! Wedding traditions are evolving and with that, acceptable wedding dress colors. A wedding dress is an extension of the bride herself and part of that lies in the color of the gown. Some may be concerned about what it means to wear a black wedding dress. While the traditional white wedding dress was meant to symbolize innocence, a black wedding dress depicts elegance, power, mystery, and individuality. If you’re not ready to take the plunge with a full-on black wedding dress, consider looking at black and white wedding dresses. With beautiful black accents on a white dress, you’ll be able to express that more edgy side of you while still remaining traditional.

The Perfect Black Wedding Dress for Each Season

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A black wedding dress is often associated with a Halloween wedding, but we think that this statement shade can look gorgeous during any season. For a spring wedding, embrace florals! We think the contrast of the moody color mixed with fresh and feminine floral details make for a stunning black spring wedding dress. In summer we recommend wearing a light gown in a fabric like chiffon to keep you cool and comfortable. A strapless black sheath will feel modern and effortless serving a bold, beachy look for your summer wedding dress. We say to embrace Autumn fully and go for gothic glam. A beautiful black wedding dress covered in decadent layers of lace and crystal beading will bring the drama to your Fall wedding. Forget winter whites, a black wedding dress for your winter wedding will be something your guests will never forget. Against a snowy backdrop, a billowing black ballgown will look exquisite with delicate details and maybe a little sparkle to shimmer like snowflakes. The perfect black choice is Kristabelle Wedding Dress! The black winter wedding dress is breathtaking with a bold ball gown silhouette and stunning off-the-shoulder neckline. The glamorous black dress serves a bit of gothic charm in the dark shade with blingy beaded accents, textured embroidery, and a cathedral-length train for a dramatic black wedding dress made for winter. If we haven’t convinced you to go fully to the dark side for your winter wedding, consider black and white wedding dresses to complete your vision.

Make A Statement with the Right Black Wedding Dress Fabric

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When it comes to a black wedding dress, the right fabric can help bring the design together. We’re sharing our top fabric choices for a black wedding gown. A wedding dress favorite, lace is decadent and romantic—and with so many different patterns, textures, and styles, lace is a great fabric for a black gown. A delicate black lace wedding dress will give a dark and romantic vibe, offering a subtle gothic feel, while Alençon lace, with its feminine swirls, will look regal and opulent in a deep onyx shade. If lace still feels too traditional for you, tulle is another romantic option. The net airy fabric will look enchanting in bold black. Just imagine, a raven-colored ball gown with layer upon layer of black tulle. The fabric is the perfect choice for our alternative brides who still want that fairytale feel. Tulle is also a great fabric to give you that Wednesday Adams feel in the iconic dance dress! Sleek and sultry, black satin fabric will make a statement in slinky slip dresses and figure-hugging fit and flares. The subtle luminosity of satin will have the ebony wedding dress glowing, giving you an air of mystery. Our choice for Fall and Winter weddings, velvet fabric gives us a cozy feel. The luxe texture of velvet will be enhanced by a deep black shade. We think the non-traditional wedding fabric is perfectly matched by the non-traditional wedding dress color. A black wedding dress certainly doesn’t have to mean boring. If you’re looking to sparkle on your wedding day, try a black sequin fabric. The glimmering style will create a blinding dimension reminiscent of a midnight starry sky.

Picking the Perfect Silhouette for a Black Wedding Dress

Black Wedding Dress Design Trends For 2024 + FAQs (3)

Black wedding dresses are bold and dramatic, and you need a silhouette to match. Your wedding dress silhouette is about personal preference and finding a dress that feels uniquely you. A mermaid silhouette features a fitted bodice, often with a drop waist to elongate the figure, and a skirt that flares out at the knees. A black mermaid wedding dress will look glamorous and sexy—with its curve-hugging fit—and in black, you’ll be serving mysterious mermaid magic! A ball gown wedding dress silhouette is a favorite. The dramatic shape fits tight at the bodice and flares out at the waist for a bold skirt full of volume. Often associated with “princess” brides, we think a black ball gown wedding dress is a powerful statement. The fairytale silhouette helps to make the ebony color feel regal and romantic. Traditional with a twist, a black A-line wedding dress is a new take on a classic. The coveted A-line silhouette is similar to the ball gown with a fitted bodice and skirt that floats off the body in a triangular “A” shape. Considered one of the most flattering silhouettes, you can’t go wrong with a black A-line wedding dress. Similar to the mermaid, a trumpet wedding dress is a sultry choice. The fit and flare silhouette, also known as the trumpet, fits tight to the body—like the mermaid—but tends to have a natural waistline and an overall softer shape. The silhouette hugs the body flaring out at mid-thigh to create a shape reminiscent of a trumpet instrument. A black fit and flare wedding dress is another sexy option for a bride who wants to bring the drama at their wedding. A column, or sheath, wedding dress is a simple and subdued silhouette. The effortless silhouette drapes off the body, not fitting too tightly, featuring a natural waistline with a skirt that comes down in a straight column. The slip dress, a variation of a column wedding dress, is a trending silhouette that brides and bridesmaids love. A black sheath wedding dress is a cool and modern choice, perfect for the casual or minimalist bride.

Top Black Wedding Dress Design Trends for 2024

Black Wedding Dress Design Trends For 2024 + FAQs (4)

One of the hottest design trends for black wedding dresses is an abundance of lace. From lace underlays to an overflow of appliqués, black lace wedding dresses are romantic, gothic, and truly stunning. Galadriel Wedding Dressis a dark and dreamy black lace wedding dress! The delicate A-line features Chantilly lace under gossamer black tulle adorned in a bevy of beautiful beaded lace appliqués. The bustier bodice gives the feminine silhouette an edge and we love the addition of the bishop sleeves with matching appliqués. Brides are stepping up their sultry style with showstopping black mermaid dresses. The fitted silhouette is extra dramatic in the deep ebony shade and is one of our top choices for 2023 black wedding dresses. If you’re looking for a black mermaid wedding dress, check out Georgina Wedding Dress. A sister to our Galadriel dress, this is a sexy black wedding dress with an exaggerated sweetheart neckline on a corset bodice. The dropped waistline on the mermaid silhouette elongates the body and with neck to hem Alençon lace appliqués, this dress is onyx opulence. Brides love a bohemian dress, and so do we! Black boho wedding dresses are here, and we are living for it! Rosa Wedding Dress is a bridal favorite and in beautiful black, we can’t get enough! With a plunging neckline and banded waist, this airy A-line compliments your body. Floral embroidered appliqués give the black gown its boho feel, and with a billowing tulle skirt, this boho black wedding dress is easy to love! Rosa is available in an extensive size range, so it’s a perfect choice for brides who are looking for plus-size black wedding dresses. Looking for a more modest gown? Long sleeves have been trending for the past few seasons and we don’t expect that to change any time soon. A long sleeve black wedding dress can look elegant and regal. Whether you choose an illusion sleeve or a fully lined fitted sleeve, the black color is sure to be eye-catching on your long sleeve dress style! Corset wedding dresses are at the top of everyone’s list, ours included. From the structure and support they provide to the couture styling, a corset wedding dress is a favorite. Now picture the beautifully boned bodice in all black and we’re in love! A corset black wedding dress is ethereal and gorgeously gothic. Add a grommeted lace-up back and you’ll look like you’re in a historical drama. Whether you choose a billowing ball gown or a flirty fit and flare, a corset bodice is sure to steal the show on your black wedding dress. If you’re wondering “Can a plus-size bride wear black?” The answer is yes! Brides of all shapes and sizes can rock a black wedding dress! We’re positive that the notoriously slimming color will look beautiful on a curvy body. With our extensive size range, we’re sure you’ll find plus-size black wedding dresses that suit you!

How Can I Accessorize My Black Wedding Dress?

A black wedding dress is a bold statement on its own, but the right accessories can help pull the whole look together. Something like a beautiful cathedral-length black veil to match your black gown will look gothic and grand. You’ll be a devastatingly dreamy vision in our black Cathedral Length Veil with Lace Appliqués! A match to our Galadriel dress, this delicate tulle veil features stunning frosted lace appliqués for a gothic romantic vibe. If you really want drama, there’s our Feather Edged Cathedral Length Veil. This veil matches our decadent black Kristabelle dress, with fierce feathers lining the veil that will elevate your wedding day look!

Black Bridesmaids Dress

Black Wedding Dress Design Trends For 2024 + FAQs (5)

Monotone looks are in when it comes to the bride and bridal party. Have your girls match you in beautiful black bridesmaid dresses. Our Keyhole Bodice Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress looks so chic in black with it’s unique bodice featuring an open keyhole detail on a twist knot neckline. The effortless chiffon fabric makes this dress easy to wear in a sheath silhouette that will graze the body. If you want your bridesmaids to feel as glamorous as you, then choose our Cowl Neck Luxe Satin Bridesmaid Dress, a full-length luminous satin bridesmaid dress with a delicate cowl bodice and chic wrap skirt. The black luxe satin will offer a mysterious glow that we’re sure your bridesmaids will love.

To find your perfect black wedding dress or black bridesmaid dress visit one of our fabulous retailers!


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Black Wedding Dress Design Trends For 2024 + FAQs (2024)


Black Wedding Dress Design Trends For 2024 + FAQs? ›

Top Black Wedding Dress Design Trends for 2024. One of the hottest design trends for black wedding dresses is an abundance of lace. From lace underlays to an overflow of appliqués, black lace wedding dresses are romantic, gothic, and truly stunning. Galadriel Wedding Dressis a dark and dreamy black lace wedding dress!

What is the significance of the black wedding dress? ›

The black gown symbolized ensured her loyalty to the bride's devotion to her husband until death. Nowadays, black wedding gowns are the first choice for women who want to wear an unusual yet intense look. They are seen as fashionable and symbolize elegance, power, sensuality, mysteriousness, and Intellect.

How popular are black wedding dresses? ›

Black wedding dresses have been on the rise for a little while now, but 2023 is shaping up to be a huge year for the strikingly chic alternative to classic white or ivory.

How to style a black wedding dress? ›

For a classic and timeless look, pair your black wedding dress with silver or gold accessories. Opt for statement jewelry, such as chandelier earrings or a bold necklace, to add a touch of glamour. Consider a dramatic veil or a chic headpiece to complete the ensemble.

Which designers make black wedding dresses? ›

  • Amsale Aberra of Amsale. ...
  • Nardos Imam of Nardos Design. ...
  • Esé Azénabor. ...
  • Andrea Pitter-Campbell of Pantora Bridal. ...
  • Stephanie White of Odylyne the Ceremony. ...
  • Jean Ralph Thurin. ...
  • Yemi Osunkoyah of Kosibah. ...
  • Valentine Avoh.

What culture wears black wedding dresses? ›

In the West, black lace wedding dresses were the traditional choice of Roman Catholic brides in Spain. And both Scottish and Finnish cultures had black wedding gowns as part of their bridal traditions.

What is the trend in black wedding dresses in 2024? ›

Top Black Wedding Dress Design Trends for 2024. One of the hottest design trends for black wedding dresses is an abundance of lace. From lace underlays to an overflow of appliqués, black lace wedding dresses are romantic, gothic, and truly stunning. Galadriel Wedding Dressis a dark and dreamy black lace wedding dress!

Are black wedding dresses hard to find? ›

While it's hard for many brides to find their perfect black wedding dress, more brands and boutiques are slowly incorporating the color into their collections.

How to accessorize a black wedding dress? ›

You can choose to pair your dress with your favorite black pair of shoes or even a black wedding veil. One of the easiest ways to embrace this trend is with black jewelry that also adds a little sparkle such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets or hair accessories.

Is it okay to get married in a black wedding dress? ›

Believe it or not, black wedding dresses are nothing new. In fact, there's evidence that black wedding dresses extend back more than 200 years. In ye olde days, brides could pick any color dress they wanted. This was more of a practical decision than anything else.

Who made the black dress famous? ›

Almost a century ago, Coco Chanel unveiled the original little black dress. The 1926 garment would go on to become a fashion staple, so well-known that it is often referred to simply by the acronym “LBD.”

Is black dress good for wedding? ›

"It is perfectly acceptable and chic to wear black to evening, black tie, and winter weddings." Ryncarz agreed that it is wise to gauge the attire of the wedding attendants. "When wearing black to a wedding, keep the outfit in line with the dressiness of the bridal party and wedding as a whole," she said.

Is wearing a black dress to a wedding acceptable? ›

Since nuptials are celebratory occasions, the dark hue was labeled off-limits for attendees in the past. However, in today's modern-day age, wearing black to a wedding is completely acceptable, and in many cases, it's even encouraged.

Do people still wear black to weddings? ›

As long as it's not considered culturally inappropriate or against the dress code, you can wear black to a wedding. Depending on where the couple is exchanging vows, which season their special day is taking place in, and what time of day everything begins, black may or may not be your best color option.

Is it normal to wear all black to a wedding? ›

If you're worried about being disrespectful, don't sweat it in the 21st century. “Yes, it's absolutely okay to wear black to a wedding,” says wedding planner Matthew Oliver. “If you're not sure, most invitations will actually mention the dress code, but you can never go wrong with a classic black tux and a white shirt.

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