Best Wedding Guest Dresses For Women Over 60 (2024)

After two years of postponed and downsized weddings, the wedding industry is seeing a surge of couples holding their weddings in 2022 and 2024. We are sure many have multiple wedding invites in their social calendar and of course, this year is busier than the previous two years. With so many upcoming occasions, one thing that is on everyone's mind is - What do we wear to all of them? After spending so much time incomfortable clothing, the idea of dressing up in dresses and heels may seem a little daunting.

Weddingscome in all shapes andsizeso trying to figure out which wedding guest dresses will work for the occasion is easier said than done. If you are a woman over the age of 60, you would think that your options are rather limited and it is a bit difficult to shop for the perfect dress. On the contrary, there are many wedding guest dresses for women over 60 that will work for all types of body shapes and sizes. Choose an elegant or cheerful design dress that not onlymakes you feel great but also lets you celebrate all day and night should there be a dance party later.

Before you choose your wedding attire, one of the most important factors to take into consideration is the wedding dress code. You will need a different dress for an outdoor weddingin the garden than you would at a hotel ballroom. In addition to that, the location and time of the event can offer additional informationabout what fashion is suitable. While you may choose a casual sundress with a denim jacket for a barn wedding in the afternoon, an evening soiree at a hotel will require a more formal look like a long maxi dress.

Here are some tips on choosing wedding guest dresses according to the seasons.

Spring And Summer Wedding Guest Dresses For Women Over 60

The official start of the wedding season is Spring and it is the best time to start planning out the outfits. The perfect spring/summer wedding guest dresses reflect the season. Pastel colors, floral prints, andweather-ready styles should be taken into consideration when choosing your look. Colors such as pale blue, mauve, gray, lavender, and pink are ideal for the spring wedding season. Lighter fabrics and colors are apt for daytime or afternoon weddings while heavier and darker formal fabrics are good for spring/summer weddings that start in the evening.

Fall Wedding Guest Dresses For Women Over 60

Fall wedding guest outfits are often associated with jewel tones and textured fabric and prints. Fuschia, emerald, burgundy, and plum are some suitable colors. Although maxi dresses are suitable for the warmer weather, they can also be worn well into fall. Knee-length or midi co*cktail dresses are also great options. Make sure you know what type of wedding you are attending as a garden or beach weddingrequires a different style of dress than a black-tie formal wedding.

Winter Wedding Guest Dresses For Women Over 60

As the temperatures dip, it is important to look for an outfit that is bothweatherappropriate,reflects the season, and is stylish. For winter, guest outfits often include dark hues, rich fabrics, andlong sleeves. An upscale evening winter wedding will require a formal outfit, while a casual look is acceptable for a less formal daytime event. Color and fabric are two important components when it comes to picking out winter wedding guest outfits. Deep jewel tones and richfabrics such as satin and velvet are great choices for weddings in the cooler months. As for the length, the longer it is, the better it can help you to stay warm. That said, don't count out sleeveless outfits. If you areindoors or mingling with other guests, you may be more comfortable in a short sleeve or sleeveless silhouette.

In order to make your shopping experience easier, we have gathered a list of the different types of wedding guest dresses for 60 or older women.

Fit-and-flare Wedding Guest Dresses For Women Over 60

Fit-and-flare dresses whether knee-length or longer are chic and flattering. It has a defined waistline and fits closer to the body but is not too tightwhich makes it uncomfortable. This forgiving silhouette fits every body type. If you are an apple shape, it works well by taking the attention away from the midsection. For pear shape, this dress cleverly camouflages the wider hips and thighs.

Wrap Dresses For Wedding Guests Over 60

Wrap dresses areclassic, flattering, and incredibly versatile. Best of all, they are perfect for older women. This silhouette does not show much skin but it does not hide the shape completely. It hugs the body just the right amount and is more figure flattering than the shapeless dresses that many older women wear as they get older. Another great thing about wrap dresses is thatthey can be adjusted according to your body shape.

Waist Cinching Dresses For Wedding Guests Over 60

A dress with awaist-cinching feature is best for women over 60 because women tend to gain weight on the upper body and lose the natural waist as they get older. Awaist-cinching dress gives the eye the illusion that there is a waist.

Dresses With 3/4 Sleeves For Wedding Guests Over 60

Flabby armsare one of the main concerns for many women over 60 and this is why they want to hide them. Choosing a 3/4 sleeve dress will help to give a balance of covering the arms and also flattering the body shape. 3/4 sleeve length ends at the wrist which draws attention to the smallest part of the arms. It is a feminine way to getdressed without being too revealing.

What Is The Best Dress Length

Dress lengths can be a bit tricky for women regardless of age. When you are over 60, you would want to ensure that you aredressed appropriately. If you are petite, you need to be extra careful when it comes to selectinglonger-length dresses.

Knee Length – Just right at the knee, this dress style is most flattering for older women. Choose a dress length that is just above the knee to create the illusion of length on your frame while being age-appropriate.

Midi Length – This is the right length if you prefer not to show your knee. It can be just below the knee or above your ankle. Midi length is the preferred length for many women who want dresses to attend formal orsemi-formalevents.

Maxi Length – Maxi dresses can be flattering if you are over 60 because it makes sure that everything is safely covered. It is elegant and suitable for fancier occasions.

Best Wedding Guest Dresses For Women Over 60 (2024)


What should a woman over 60 wear to a wedding? ›

Midi length is the preferred length for many women who want dresses to attend formal or semi-formal events. Maxi Length – Maxi dresses can be flattering if you are over 60 because it makes sure that everything is safely covered. It is elegant and suitable for fancier occasions.

What is co*cktail attire for a wedding for an older woman? ›

Dresses: For co*cktail dresses, opt for well-fitted styles that hit anywhere from midthigh to ankle. Some classic co*cktail-dress silhouettes include A-line, sheath, wrap, empire and slip, but you can of course step outside of these bounds—as long as the dress reads as stylish and elegant.

What does a 55 year old woman wear to a wedding? ›

Wear something comfortable, but not casual - weddings are formal events and the dress code is usually smart. Similarly to wearing white, do not wear black - black is seen as a colour of mourning.

What color of wedding dress should an older woman wear? ›

Older brides can and do wear white on their wedding day if they choose to. White is a classic and timeless choice for wedding attire that symbolises purity, new beginnings and the celebration of love.

How to dress classy over 60? ›

Know what works.

Some styles work particularly well for senior women, Brock says. Blazers and cardigans pair well with V-neck tops, sheath dresses, shift dresses and button-down shirts. "In warmer months, V-neck tops with elbow-length sleeves are the new T-shirt for seniors," she says.

How not to dress frumpy after 60? ›

If you've found yourself wondering, “What makes a woman look frumpy?” It's wearing oversized, baggy, sloppy clothes. Say goodbye to the days of drowning in fabric and open yourself up to owning your shape. Let go of any and all pieces that don't fit you.

What to wear instead of a co*cktail dress? ›

A pair of well-fitted, tailored pants or an elegant jumpsuit can be incredibly chic and totally in line with co*cktail dress codes. Pair them with a sophisticated blouse or blazer, and you're all set.

Is it OK to wear a co*cktail dress to a wedding? ›

No Dress Code

The best route is to talk to the bride or groom to find out what they expect. You can also talk to other friends attending the event to get a sense of what they plan to wear. If all else fails, it's safest to go with co*cktail or semiformal attire. You'll look elegant but not over the top.

What is after 5 attire? ›

Men's semi-formal and co*cktail dress codes, also known as party and after-five attire, are for special events. Both call for a dressier, sophisticated look, but there are some differences. Semi-formal dressing is typically more reserved, focusing on darker colours such as grey, black and blue.

What is the dress code for seniors? ›

Dress: Business Casual

Pant suits, Skirt suits, Dresses, and Skirt-Blouse Combos are all acceptable. Skirt or dress must be knee-length.

What does a woman wear to a 5pm wedding? ›

The staff suggests that if a wedding is taking place at 4 p.m. or 5 p.m., you should wear something that easily transitions from day to night; any ceremony after 6 p.m. should be strictly co*cktail.

Can an older woman wear pants to a wedding? ›

Totally fine! Just make sure they're dressy enough for the nuptials. Start with tailored trousers and a polished blouse, or make things easy for yourself by grabbing a matching blazer. Pant suits are a great way to go, or you can coordinate the color of your pants with your top and have a monochrome moment.

What is appropriate for an older bride to wear? ›

You can't go wrong with classic tea length wedding dress for older brides, and this lacy modern design is a prime example. With a gently flared skirt and vintage touches, it may just be the icing on the cake for your bridal look.

What should an older bride wear in her hair? ›

A sleek updo

Try a chignon-style bun for this one. If you've got the hair for it, you can also pair this with a bouffant for that extra glam look. This is a great hairstyle to hair with a feature hairpiece or clip, as you should be able to keep it in the updo without too much hassle.

Does it matter what color the mother of the bride wears? ›

Traditionally, the mother of the bride's gown should complement (but not match) the color of the wedding party's attire.

What should a 70 year old woman wear? ›

When choosing clothes for elderly ladies, look for versatility in your garments, for example: Loose-fit skirts with elegant prints and pleats that spread easily while sitting. Trousers that pull on easily with back waist elastication for added comfort. Cardigans without buttons that are warm and easy to put on.

Is 60 wedding guests small? ›

The Medium Wedding – 60-150 guests

Simply put, it's the size that feels just right for most people. With a venue for this number of guests, you should have room for immediate and extended family, as well as a few more distant relatives and old friends.

What can I wear to look younger at 60? ›

5 Ways to Dress Yourself Younger Over 60, Stylists Say
  • Select modern silhouettes.
  • Pair the right pieces.
  • Blend casual and dressy options.
  • Incorporate more colors and patterns.
  • Don't forget to accessorize.
Jul 12, 2023

What do I wear to a wedding as a guest female? ›

Women wedding guests should wear a full-length dress, be it a ballgown, a sheath or an A-line style. High heels are strongly recommended. Feel free to accessorize with opulent jewelry and even elbow-length white silk gloves.

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