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Ariel Tweto seemingly never gets bored of being in the sky. An expert pilot, Ariel is also a glider and is always looking for ways to be up high. One of the stars in the reality TV series Flying Wild Alaska, Ariel is a part of the Unalakleet ground crew. In the years that Ariel worked in Flying Wild Alaska, she wanted to make sure that the Alaskan people were not stereotyped as traditional hunters and gatherers. The series aired for three seasons and allowed Ariel to explore the world of reality TV. She also starred in Alaska based reality show True Alaska. She is also a producer and sound artist who has worked on The Pipeline, Francis and The Great North. Moreover,she is also the president and founder of Popping Bubbles, a nonprofit organization that promotes suicide prevention and mental health awareness in rural Alaska. She is a woman of adventure, humor and heart who loves to explore new places and share her experiences with the world. Overall, She is an inspiration for anyone who wants to live a life full of joy, curiosity and compassion.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameAriel Eva Tuadraq-Atauchaq Tweto
Date of birthDecember 14, 1987
Place of birthUnalakleet, Alaska, USA
EthnicityInupiat Eskimo
Zodiac signSagittarius
ParentsJim Tweto and Ferno Tweto
SiblingsAyla Tweto and Elaine Tweto
EducationGraduated from Chapman University
OccupationReality TV star, producer, actress and pilot
Net worthOver $1 million (estimated)
Debut TV showWipeout (2008)

Way to stardom

Ariel Tweto was born into a normal family. Her parents Jim Tweto and Ferno Tweto owned the Alaska airline Era Alaska. As it happened, Ariel was invited onto the game show, Wipeout. In an episode entitled ‘Where’s the pole?’, Ariel shouted that she couldn’t see the pole in the Pole Vault obstacle. Since she thought the pole would be yellow, she couldn’t see the white pole. During the interview, Ariel charmed her way into the audience’s heart. She mostly talked about the Alaskan village of Unalakleet. She also went on to reveal that she had never been kissed, which is also the name of the episode.

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Her interview as so amazing that the producers approached Ariel to work on a TV show. Ariel conveyed the news to her father, who didn’t believe Ariel at first. After all, Jim believed that no one would be interested in their seemingly normal lives. But a lot of people were, and Flying Wild Alaska aired its first episode on the 14th of January, 2011.

To new opportunities

Flying Wild Alaska opened Ariel to a host of new opportunities. She was a regular guest on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and made more than 15 appearances. While still working on Flying Wild Alaska, Ariel opened her wings to new opportunities and hosted the Sundance Institute’s Native Shorts television series in 2013 and the Miss Alaska USA pageant in 2014. She was also involved with MzeroA Flight Training’s Flying Again feature film and made a training video with them titled “Turning Stalls With Ariel Tweto”. The video was released on YouTube on the fourth of June, 2015.

Then, She has appeared in several documentaries and TV shows, such as Flying again (2016), True Alaska (2017), Into America’s Wild (2020), STEM in 30 (2021), Snippet FM Presents (2021), and Indigeneity (2021). Moreover, she made her voice acting debut as Kima Kima Brewper, a quirky and adventurous girl who lives in a remote Alaskan town, in the animated comedy series The Great North (2021-2023).

In addtion to her acting career, Tweto is also working on her own feature film project, The Pipeline, which she co-wrote and co-produced, and also plays one of the lead roles, Wildflower, a fearless and charismatic leader of the group. The film is currently in post-production and is expected to be released in 2024.

Net Worth

Ariel has amassed a net worth of over $1 million. She earns money from various projects, such as hosting TV shows like Native Shorts and Into America’s Wild. She also makes as a pilot for her family’s airline company. Additionally, she is working on her own feature film, The Pipeline, which could boost her income in the future.

Life Beyond Flying Wild Alaska

After three seasons of Flying Wild Alaska, Jim decided to retire which brought the series to a close. The producers wanted to end the series on a high note. While the rest of the family members went back to their personal lives, Ariel continued her career in reality TV. She joined all-new series entitled, True Alaska. Through the series, Ariel hopes that she can show Alaskans as more than one-dimensional hunters. Talking about the reality series, Ariel said,

“I want to make a show about Alaska for Alaskans, and show people that we are more than what you usually see on TV. Yes, we hunt and fish and we live in stunning and difficult terrains. But we also go to the store, live normal lives, and have great families.”

Ariel Tweto: wiki-bio, net worth, age, married?, family, career, facts. (2)

Ariel who wants to be the Eskimo Oprah, started her training in a Cessna 207, “graduated” to a Cessna 150, and finished in a spanking-new Cessna 172. She got her license in the 2011–2012 season of Flying Wild Alaska.

Personal Life: Is Ariel Tweto Married?

An expert pilot Ariel has successfully concealed about her affairs and relationship. Back in 2008, Ariel admitted never been kissed in season 1 third episode of Wipeout. She was 21 at the time and basically indicating never been in a relationship prior. Since she has grown in stature as a reality tv star and actively participate in social media. However, with all her professional exploit to see, Ariel has not given any update on her love life and affair. As of now, we cannot tell for sure if Ariel is single or in a relationship.

Physical Traits

Height5 feet 2 inches (approx.)
Hair colorblack
Eyes colorDark brown
Body typeShe has a slim and athletic body type
Hair styleShe often wears her hair in braids or ponytails
SmileShe has a bright and infectious smile, which shows her positive and cheerful outlook on life
AccessoriesShe sometimes wears sunglasses, hats, scarves and gloves
MakeupShe wears minimal or no makeup, which enhances her natural beauty and simplicity
JewelryShe wears earrings, necklaces and bracelets

Ariel Tweto FAQs

Was Ariel Tweto born in Alaska?Yes
Is Ariel Tweto an Inupiat Eskimo?Yes
Does Ariel Tweto have a sister?Yes
Did Ariel Tweto graduate from Chapman University?Yes
Is Ariel Tweto a reality TV star?Yes
Did Ariel Tweto appear in the show Wipeout?Yes
Is Ariel Tweto famous for the show Flying Wild Alaska?Yes
Does Ariel Tweto run a family airline business?Yes
Is Ariel Tweto a certified private pilot?Yes
Did Ariel Tweto have a plane crash?No
Is Ariel Tweto married?No
Does Ariel Tweto have a boyfriend?No
Is Ariel Tweto lesbian?No
Does Ariel Tweto have a piercing?Yes
Does Ariel Tweto wear braids or ponytails?Yes
Does Ariel Tweto wear minimal or no makeup?Yes
Does Ariel Tweto wear earrings, necklaces and bracelets?Yes
Does Ariel Tweto have a pet dog named pinky?No
Is Ariel Tweto active on social media?Yes
Does Ariel Tweto have a website?Yes
Is Ariel Tweto involved in charity work?Yes
Is Ariel Tweto a producer and actress?Yes
Did Ariel Tweto appear in the show The Pipeline?Yes
Is Ariel Tweto a role model for many people?Yes

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Ariel Tweto: wiki-bio, net worth, age, married?, family, career, facts. (2024)
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