Ariel Tweto - Bio, Net worth, Age, Boyfriend or Husband if Married (2024)

A natural optimist from polar Alaska, Ariel Tweto works hard to inscribe her family name and that of her people in the history books.Despite being born with a silver spoon, Ariel decided to dig a niche outside of the family business and became the most famous tweeto of all time!

An adventurer at heart, the Native American loves to fly and has successfully turned their passion into profit.Learn lesser-known facts about the private pilot, reality TV star and actress whose ultimate goal in life is to make people happy while also becoming the Eskimo Oprah!

Ariel Eva Tuadraq-Aauchaq Tweto is an American born on December 14, 1987. She and her sister Ayla were raised in their hometown of Unalakleet in the Nome Census Area, Alaska. Ariel attended East High School, Emerson College, and later Chapman University.

The daughter of Ferno and Jim Tweto, Ariel Tweto had a comfortable upbringing as she was born into an enterprising family.The Twetos ran a family airline business, which explains where Ariel got her interests in flying from.

Ariel was apparently an adventurous young parent and learned a lot from her Alaska-based business, which primarily transports people and goods across the polar region.Although she no longer lives in her hometown, Ariel has strong family values.She shares a very close relationship with her sister Ayla and does not hesitate to visit her family as often as possible.


Ariel Tweto made her screen debut in 2008 as one of the twelve contestants on ABC’s popular game show.obliterate.Although she didn’t win the cash prize, Ariel’s spirit of adventure and charming personality made her more and more attractive to fans.She was an original actress and appeared in four episodes of the series between 2008 and 2009.On the series, she was kissed by a fellow contestant nicknamed “never kissed” after admitting that she really had never been kissed at the time.

Interestingly, Ariel “never kissed” after her first exit in season one.Tweto was recalled by the showrunners to compete in the Season 2 All-Star episode.

Tweto’s impressive performance on her debut show didn’t go unnoticed and new opportunities soon arose.Her next TV venture was in partnership with Discovery Channel reality, which offered to start a show based on her family’s airline business.Thus ,Flying Wild Alaskawas born in 2011.

The Discovery Channel show chronicled and documented the family business Tweto, which moves goods and people across rural Alaska, and Ariel’s air travel.After several drills and flight training under the supervision of an FAA examiner, theFlying Wild Alaskastar earned her pilot’s license on April 21, 2012.

After three seasons and 31 adventurous episodes (between 2011 and 2012) including milestone events such as Ariel’s father (Chief Operating Officer) retiring from the family airline business as well as earning her own pilot’s license,Flying Wild Alaskadrew the curtain.

The Discovery Channel reality show is arguably Ariel Tweto’s breakthrough on television. She has since received other screen credits, such as appearances on Craig Ferguson‘s The Late Late Show, as well as hosting the Miss USA Alaska pageant for two consecutive years (2013 – 2014). More recently, Ariel has appeared on Travel Channel’s Travel to Alaska , a show that premiered in November 2017 and explored Alaska’s splendour and cultural diversity.

In addition to her career as a pilot and reality TV star, Tweto is also an actress. She took acting/film classes and was one of the eight pilots on the 2016 documentary, Flying Again,and appeared in 2018‘s The Pipeline.An athletic adventurer, Ariel also wrestled inReality Rumble II.

Ariel Tweto Net Worth

As a natural optimist, private pilot, reality TV star, and actress, Ariel Tweto’s many endeavours have certainly yielded financial rewards. However, neither did theFlying Wild Alaskastar’s earnings and net worth were announced.As Ariel is actively involved in the Tweto family business, it is believed that she benefits directly or indirectly from her father’s impressive net worth estimated at $20 million.

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Ariel Tweto – boyfriend or husband if married

Ariel’s “Never Been Kissed” Tweet from ABC’s Wipe Show is one of those celebrities who prefer to keep details of their personal life under wraps. However, she has never been married… at least not yet! Aside from admitting she’s never been kissed on her debut show, not much is known about Ariel’s love life.

Maybe that much, if anything, has changed sinceObliterate.Also on the show, Tweto was speculated to have dated her trainer, John Ponts, but the Alaskan pilot was quick to dismiss the rumors, stating that Ponts is more of a brother to her.Again, she was later romantically linked to Nicholes Cole, but the reports remain unconfirmed.Given the uncertainty surrounding Ariel’s relationship status, it’s safe to say that she is believed to be career focused and possibly single.

Other facts

  • animal lover

Ariel Tweto is an avid animal lover who keeps two dogs, Olive and Mr. Doo Doo Sid, as pets.In fact, the adventurous TV star is working on creatingView of Ariel, an animated series that will document her warm relationship with animals and their adventures together.

  • Height

The Native American private pilot has a slim build.Ariel Tweto stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches and weighs about 45 kg.

  • social media

Tweto has an active social media life.She has amassed a sizable following on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, where she shares her pictures and exciting adventures with teeming fans.

  • charity

It is well known that Ariel Tweto is a philanthropist who runs a non-profit organizationPopping Air Bubbles, which is dedicated to suicide prevention in Germany’s rural villages.Ariel has lost friends and family to suicide in rural Alaskan communities and works to change the attitudes of children in such suicidal communities.

Also, Tweto admits that she never grew up watching an Alaskan native on TV and wants to change that narrative.Tweto is doing her best to lead by example and hopes to continue appearing in shows and one day bec

Ariel Tweto - Bio, Net worth, Age, Boyfriend or Husband if Married (2024)
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