Ariel Tweto Bio: Married, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Accident (2024)

• Ariel Tweto is a popular television personality and private pilot
• She rose to stardom after appearing in the reality TV show “Flying Wild Alaska”
• She has also played a part in the game show “Wipeout”
• She co-founded the charity “Popping Bubbles” to talk to teens about why they should pursue their dreams
• Ariel has a net worth of over $1 million


  • 1 Who is Ariel Tweto?
  • 2 Early Life, Family, and Education
  • 3 Career
  • 4 Ariel and Charity Work
  • 5 Personal Life, Married, Boyfriend, and Marriage
  • 6 Measurement and Features
  • 7 Ariel Tweto Net Worth

Who is Ariel Tweto?

Ariel is a populartelevision personality –and a private pilot – who rose to stardom after making an appearance in “Flying Wild Alaska”, a very popular reality TV show, which depicted her family’s way of living in Alaska. She has also played a part in the game show “Wipeout”.

Early Life, Family, and Education

Ariel Twetowas bornin Unalakleet, Alaska USA, of Native American ethnicity to Jim and Freno Tweto, on 14 December 1987, under the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius – her sign accurately describes her as a fearless adventurer who is not afraid of taking risks. At birth, she was given the name Ariel Eva Tuadraq-Atauchaq Tweto. She has a sister, Alya Tweto. Her parents met when her dad was in Alaska as a professional hockey player, trying to create interest in the game. He met and fell in love with her mother, and they later went into the aviation business, Era Alaska.Ariel and Alya grew up in Nome Census, Alaska, where she attended Emerson College, and then graduated in communications from Chapman University in Southern California.


Ariel’s career as an actress began at a young age when she appeared in the TV show “Wipeout”. She became famous in an incident in which she asks about a pole she cannot see yet it is right in front of her. The interest shown by audiences in the young girl leads the directors to approach the Tweto family to do a reality show about their lives, deep in the Alaskan wilderness. Her father, Jim, is skeptical but gives the OK for the cameras to roll at his workplace. As a bush pilot, he still runs his aviation company known as Era Alaska.

The reality show “Flying Wild Alaska” by Discovery Channel was an instant hit, as it brought into sharp focus the challenges theTweto familyface as they run their aviation business. To many Americans, the challenge of living in an environment that reminds one of the early days Wild West is riveting. The human battle against sometimes cruel nature makes fans celebrate with the Twetos’ in their triumphs, and sympathize with them in their losses. With Jim in the bush pilot’s seat and his wife Ferno managing things on the ground, the family is never short of action. In the midst of this is Ariel’s upbeat character.

Ariel hosted the TV series” Native Shorts” for the Sundance Institute in 2013, as well as the2013/ 2014Miss USA, Alaska chapter, pageant. She has also been a guest on ”The Late Show” with Craig Ferguson. Ariel has also produced a number of shows such as the short film, “Francis” (2010),” Flying Again” – her big screen debut in 2016, and “The Pipeline” (2018).


— Ariel Tweto (@ArielTweto) June 12, 2018

With Ariel’s parents, Jim and Ferno both being pilots, it was only natural that Ariel took an interest in flying from an early age. The 2011 to 2012 season of “Flying Alaska” follows Ariel’s training as a pilot, ultimately earning her pilot’s license in April 2012. She later takes over the running of the family’s flying business on the retirement of her father.

In 2016, Ariel starred in the documentary dubbed “Flying Again” created by J. Edward Ellis, which follows eight pilots who have gone out of shape, and who are on their way to sharpening their skills and becoming pilots once again. She was among the pilots featured in the show. Most recently a series called “True Alaska” has debuted – let’s see if it lives up to its title.

Ariel and Charity Work

One of the major concerns of many Alaskans is the high suicide rate among teens, which is as high as seven times the national average. Ariel’s response to this wasco-foundinga charity known as “Popping Bubbles”, in which she goes around schools and other youth forums talking to youngsters about why they should have a reason to live, and pursue their dreams rather than giving in to depression.

Personal Life, Married, Boyfriend, and Marriage

When it comes to her personal life and especially her love life, Ariel has beenvery privateand media shy. Interest in her love life peaked in one of her interviews when she revealed that she had neverbeen kissed,which earned her the nickname Kissaholic. This episode that charmed the audience, and later came to be known as “The Kissing Episode”. At one point, there was speculation that she and her flying instructor were dating, however, she cleared the air saying that she regarded him as a brother and nothing more. So at present, Ariel is still single, but is very active on Instagram, having over 30,000 followers, on which she regularly posts pictures of her adventures and holidays for her fans to enjoy. She also loves animals, and owns two puppies. This adventurous lady plans on coming up with an animated series, giving it the title “Ariel’s View”, and in which she will befriend animals and go on many adventures.

Measurement and Features

Ariel is5ft 5ins(1.63m) tall, of slim build and evidenced by her reputed weight of 45kg (100lbs), maintaining a great body with her vital statistics being 31-20-31 inches. She has brown eyes as well as brown hair.

Ariel Tweto Net Worth

Ariel makesin excessof $104,000 per annum as a pilot. She also made over $100,000 in hosting TV shows. Considering her career profile, it is estimated by sources that Ariel’s net worth currently stands at over $1 million.

Ariel Tweto Bio: Married, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Accident (2024)
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