Ariel Tweto Bio, Family, Career, Husband, History, Net Worth (2024)

If you have ever watched a documentary TV series ‘Flying Wild Alaska’ which aired in 2011 and 2012 on Discovery Channel, then you must have learned about the Tweto family and other members.So today in this post we are going to talk about one of the Tweto family members who also participated in the ABC game show ‘Wipeout’.She is the first daughter of Jin and Ferno Tweto, Ariel Tweto.

Ariel is from Unalakleet, Alaska and runs Alaska Airlines Era Alaska like her parents.On the show, she hosts the segments of her bases in Barrow, Deadhorse, and other locations as well with many other members.She scroll down to find out more about the daughter of the Tweto family.

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Ariel Tweto: biography, family, education

Pilot and television personality Tweto was born on December 14, 1987 in Unalakleet, Alaska as Ariel Eva Tuadraq-Atauchaq Tweto.She was born as the eldest daughter of Jim and Ferno Tweto.Her father, born in Wichita, Kansas, moved to Silver Bay, Minnesota.At the age of 18, she moved to Anchorage to study at the University of Alaska-Anchorage after earning a hockey scholarship.In 1980, she moved to Unalakleet, Alaska and became Era’s director of operations during 2009. Her mother is an Unalakleet station manager and a privately certified pilot.

He has two sisters where information about one of the sisters is not available.While another sister, Ayla Tweto, is also part of the Unalakleet ground team.She currently lives in Anchorage and is studying to be a paramedic.In addition, she Ayla has a private pilot certificate.As for her education, she had attended Emerson College.Later, she graduated from Chapman University in Southern California with a degree in communications.

Ariel Tweto: professional and life achievements

He began his television career after appearing in the shoe game ‘Wipeout’ at a young age.After that, the directors and filmmakers approached the Tweto family to make a reality show about her life.Later, Discovery Channel launched the reality show ‘Flying Alaska’ based on the life of the Tweto family, the challenges and their aviation business.The show became an instant hit putting the Tweto family in the spotlight.

Ariel starred in a documentary ‘Flying Again’ directed by J. Edward Ellis in 2016. In the documentary series, she along with eight other pilots were featured who have lost their form and have honed their skills to become pilots once again.Additionally, she appeared on the Travel Channel show ‘True Alaska’ in 2017, where she travels and discovers various destinations in Alaska.Additionally, Ariel has hosted TV shows such as ‘Native Shorts’ in 2013 and ‘Miss USA’ (Alaska Chapter) beauty pageant in 2013/2014.She had appeared on ‘The Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ as a guest.

The celebrity also participates in works and charity events.She has been a co-founder of a charity called ‘Popping Bubbles’, which goes to schools and colleges for young people with an awareness of life.Also, the reason to live and pursue your dreams instead of living in depression and committing suicide.

Ariel Tweto: personal life and husband

Tweto has been very shy and reserved by nature when it comes to talking about her personal or love life.However, she has not talked about her relationship or upcoming events in her marriage statement.In a safer zone, she is possibly single right now and not connected to anyone.In that context, she was once rumored to have a relationship with her flight instructor.She later came out and cleared up all the rumors by saying that she respects the boy as her brother and that there is nothing between them.

Ariel loves going on adventures and discovering new places.Furthermore, this adventurous lady is also an avid animal lover.She has petted two puppies and has also seen photos of her with animals on her social media accounts.

Ariel Tweto: Net Worth and Social Media Profiles

Speaking of earnings for this brave and talented lady, well, she could be earning a good income from her career.As a pilot, she must be earning around $104,000 per year.In addition, she is also a TV presenter who raised more than 100 thousand dollars.Therefore, it can be said that the net worth of her has an estimate of more than $1 million.

Tweto is very active on different social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.She has a twitter account@ArielTwetowith 29.8k followers.On Instagram, she goes for the handle@ArielTwetowith 29.8k followers.Also, she has a verified Facebook account.@ arieltweto44with over 60k followers.

Ariel Tweto: Net Worth

Ariel has an average height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 45 kg.Her slim and well trained body measures 31-20-31 inches.She has brown eyes and colored hair.

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Ariel Tweto Bio, Family, Career, Husband, History, Net Worth (2024)
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